To show the respect, this Teching v8 engine is based on the ideas of the the first 8-cylinder engine in the United States, letting more kids to know more about how it works.




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Merlin / Pinjarra

I bought this as a gift for my husband and he thinks it is really unique and is excited to build.Not sure this would be good for kids or those not included to put some time into it.Great for the tinkerers!



Maria / San Antonio

Es hat mir so viel Spaß gemacht, dieses Projekt zu bauen. Am Ende hat alles sehr gut zusammengepasst. Ich hätte 5 Sterne gegeben, wenn die Anleitung etwas besser gewesen wäre. Sie waren sehr detailliert und genau. Ich bin insgesamt sehr zufrieden


Bobby / Athens

Had a lot of fun assembling this even though it was a pain in the ass at times (especially for putting the legs together), but seeing it come together in the end made it so worth it. Also, 5/5 customer support.

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